December dreamin’ by the woodpile

cropped-west-indian-manatee-group-e1483393045236.jpg  info on W. Indies Manatees
Rails, Trails, Roads, and Cannolis… this should be a fun adventure, if I can pedal my tent and gear, battle giant mosquitoes, alligators, and venomous snakes and spiders, and avoid knee, back, and seat pain. (My knees and elbows hurt just hauling in wood for the fire tonight.)


Sitting in the public library at the mouth of the Megunticook River on Penobscot Bay in mid-December, as the snow flies and electric power is lost to the brutal wind, I am planning my first few days of travel when I disembark the train in Miami on February 19th. The state campgrounds of South Florida are already completely booked for February through April. A major upset to my plan. A brilliant plan. The brainchild of an unemployed going-grey gal of prior biology-teaching/research/carpentry/stall-mucker experience, now a seasonal State Park Ranger-station person. In other words, old and broke but not dead yet. And so I have a one-way Amtrak ticket for me and my bicycle from Portland, ME to Miami, FL. An adventure.

January 27     You know what they say… You can’t get there from here…. Ya, well since our new President checked in, Amtrak cancelled any bike on the train from Portland Maine to Boston until April, due to potential winter weather. I guess whoever is in charge did not know that Maine and Boston both get winter, and in fact humans often tromp through snow and ice onto the train; but they decided 2 wheels cannot be brought to the train as well as can 100 lbs of luggage. So, in any case, this means a little bike ride across a town or two in Maine is in order, so I can hop aboard a Concord bus to Boston WITH my bike. THANKS, Concord Trailways!